Play Log #1 2/27/16

(A new entry will be added every day that I play a game. So if I skip a day, that means that I probably didn’t play a game that day.)

[Play Log Format

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System – GBC on 3DS VC; Game – Pokemon Yellow; Progress Made – Obtained 1st badge

Today was the day that Red, Blue, and Yellow was released on the virtual console on the 3DS eShop. I only had enough money to pick up one of the three, so I decided upon Yellow ( I will most likely pick up Red and Blue at a later time). I chose Yellow because,  

  1. You obtain all three starters; Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle
  2. Aside from around fifteen to twenty Pokemon, you have the possibly to collect all 150 Pokemon (excluding Mew).
  3. The game follows the anime more closely and allows Pikachu to follow you around
  4. The game fixed quite a few bugs that appeared in Pokemon Red and Blue.
  5. The game has more color in it’s graphics than Red and Blue, and the sprites are reworked to look more like their anime counterparts

I am around 3 hours into the game and have obtained my first badge. I am slowly but surely making my way to Mt. Moon. I am really trying to take my time with the game and to have a team that is balanced type-wise, and fairly even in their level. I want to avoid over-leveling my Pokemon, as that would make the game insanely easy.  As of this writing I have the following Pokemon in my party (I have also attached a screenshot of my party as well).

  1. Lv. 10 Pikachu nicknamed Pika
  2. Lv. 10 Butterfree
  3. Lv. 15 Pidgey nicknamed Birdy
  4. Lv. 9 Mankey nicknamed Bananas
  5. Lv. 9 Nidoran Male
  6. Lv. 9 Nidoran Female

So that’s my progress on Pokemon Yellow so far. I’ll keep this blog updated as I make progress.


My First Blog Post


My name is Randon. But I imagine you were able to gather that from the url and blog title. I am a gamer, TV, Film, Cartoon, and Anime lover from Portland, Oregon. 

I also run a YouTube channel, Randon Acts of Gaming. It’s a gaming centric channel, but that doesn’t mean I won’t have a video or two pop up every now and then about other things pop culture. 

Starting next week, I’ll be hosting a gaming centric podcast called Randon Acts of Gaming, so look for that.

In this blog I intend to document some behind the scenes working on my YouTube Channel, and podcast and in addition; I will document on what I am playing currently. (With screenshots if I am able.)

So be on the look out for my first play log, and the continuation of my Undertale Let’s Play on my YouTube channel.